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bybit referral B5QJY
bybit referral B5QJY

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Bybit Referral B5QJY

The current coin market downtrend has been going on for quite some time.

As a result, many people are confused.

But smart investors are making significant profits by trading futures.

There are many people who trade futures through futures exchanges to make a profit even in a bear market.

In addition to the description of this futures transaction, I would like to share the Bybit Referrer Code.

바이비트 추천인

Bybit referral codes usually offer a 15% discount.

I see a lot to offer.


However 20% discount code is the maximum discount code.

Certain conditions must be met in order to offer a 20% discount code from existing influencer promo codes (15%).

Subscribers will benefit much more from signing up with a 20% discount code.

There is no discount rate higher than this!

Profits even in a down market Futures Trading Leverage
Profits even in a down market Futures Trading Leverage

Profits even in a down market

Futures Trading Leverage

There are many people who have already experienced the Bitcoin trend from 2017 to 2018, so it seems that they do a lot of futures trading as well as spot trading.

Futures trading is a type of derivatives trading in which an agreement is entered into at the present time to trade at a predetermined price at a specific point in the future.

When you trade ByBit futures, if you sell your Bitcoin for $40,000 and buy it back at $35,000, you will lose $5,000 to make a profit.

Futures trading is useful in today’s bear market, as it allows you to invest in an up and down direction.

You can maximize your profits through leverage,

It has the advantage of earning interest income by investing in financing costs.

In the case of a coin futures exchange, it is used through an overseas exchange.

Among them, Bybit is one of the exchanges used worldwide.

Although Bybit is an overseas exchange, it can be used in the same way as the Korean exchange because it supports Korean.

Bybit only supports futures trading, so there are few problems with server downtime and lag, and you can use it stably.

In addition to this, many futures traders use Bybit for various events.

You must register as a member to use Bybit.

However, if you use the Bybit referral code or invitation link of the referrer, you can receive a fee discount.

Bybit maximum discount Referral code
Bybit maximum discount Referral code

Bybit maximum discount

Referral code


Bybit referral link: https://www.bybit.com/register?affiliate_id=18499&language=en-US&group_id=0&group_type=1


Those who sign up through the mobile app

B5QJY You must manually enter

Please note that you may be eligible for a fee discount.

Those who signed up without entering a referral

with live chat Referral ID 18499 registration request If you do

You will receive referral benefits.


In the case of Bybit, there is no need to go through personal authentication when signing up for membership.

You can register as a member with just an email

When you make a transaction after signing up as a member, you must pay a transaction fee.

To save on this transaction fee

Even if it’s bothersome, you can use the bybit referral code

Be sure to take advantage of the fee discount.

fee discount Why is it important
fee discount Why is it important

Due to the nature of futures trading, there are many short-term investment transactions, and when leverage is used, the fee increases as much as the leverage ratio.

Because of this, transaction fees are no longer negligible.

Choosing a futures exchange is very important when trading cryptocurrency futures.

Small exchanges are attracting investors with events and low discount rates, so beware of scams.

Recently, there was an incident where money was stolen after an event with investors.

That is why it is important to use a large and secure exchange like Bybit.

Not long ago, when a sell-off occurred in the stock market, trading was temporarily halted, causing many people to liquidate and suffer huge losses.

However, unlike other exchanges, Bybit has a large server network, so it can safely escape the downtrend.

Since the server’s safety net is secured, many celebrities are using Bybit.

Don’t forget your referral code when signing up for Bybit. You can use Bybit referral codes to maximize your profits!

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