50% off BitGet Referral Fee 5 USDT Bonus Event

bit get recommender lifetime fee 50% off
bit get recommender lifetime fee 50% off

50% discount on BitGet referral fee

5 USDT bounty event


It seems that everyone is interested in coins these days.

Today, let’s take a look at the BITGET exchange.

BitGet Exchange is a Singapore cryptocurrency futures exchange and ranks 5th among global futures exchanges.

So far, we have recommended Binance and Bybit exchanges, but since the BitGet exchange is holding a very disruptive event, I am posting this to inform you.

For those who are currently using coins or are interested in coins

Hope this helps a lot.

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This time, I was selected as an official BitGet Influencer.

There is a reason why I recommended Bitget Exchange after using Binance and Bybit exchanges, which are used by many people.

First, Binance, a UI that is second to none,

24 Hour Korean Consultation Support Division

When I learned about the function of copy trading, I thought that I could introduce this exchange to you.

bitget lifetime 50% commission discount
bitget lifetime 50% commission discount

Of course, the 50% commission event is exceptional.

You can think of copy trading as the most decisive reason for my interest in Bitget.

In fact, I think that there is a big advantage over existing exchanges just by looking at the fee discount.

If you are a frequent Bitcoin trader, especially futures traders, you will already know the importance of discounting fees.

However, it is true that new members thought it better to use a famous exchange.

Of course, the copy trading function will be helpful for existing members as well, but it will be of great help to new members who are not familiar with trading.

bitget copy trading
bitget copy trading

Bitget Copy Trading


With the copy trading function, traders with good returns can become copy trader followers.

When you become a follower, it is possible to follow the orders of that trader in the same way.

It means that you can make money just by following traders with good profits without having to trade.

I thought it was a really nice feature.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to trade futures but are not familiar with or not confident in trading long (buy) or short (sell).

Using CopyTrader is also very simple.

Copy trading is possible by seeing and following the desired trader.


As shown in the photo above, you can easily sort the trader’s actual trade returns and win rates.

If you follow a trader that suits you well, you can reduce trading stress, and even those who have difficulty in coin trading can say that a certain amount of return is guaranteed.

In fact, while playing Bitcoin, I feel the transaction stress is huge.

Copy trading will take that stress away.

50% discount on fees for lifetime +5 USDT bonus
50% discount on fees for lifetime +5 USDT bonus

And this is a commission event that will surprise everyone.

You can get a 50% discount on fees forever.

If you sign up here now

5 USDT bounty event I’m doing it until

I hope you don’t miss this opportunity and try it out.


You must register through the link below to receive a 50% discount on fees

Please sign up using the link below to receive it!

Bitget Mobile 50% Referral Code Link

BitGet PC/Web 50% Referral Code Link

If you dare to compare, it seems to be 2-3 times cheaper than other exchanges.


Those who are familiar with coin trading

We recommend that you use BitGet and receive a fee discount.


Maker Taker Fee guide
Maker Taker Fee guide


General user fee

Maker 0.04% Taker 0.06%

The base fee isn’t bad either.

If you sign up using the referral link I provide here,

Maker 0.02% Taker 0.03%

50% discount for lifetime.

5 USDT bounty event and

$50 conditional on new subscribers (equivalent to about 60,000 won)

There is also a payback event.


payback event conditionally
payback event conditionally

payback event


Limited to first 50 people

Deposit 1,000 usdt by the deadline and complete at least one futures trade.

Automatically apply events only to recommended subscribers

The event is said to be in progress before a separate notice.

When the futures transaction is completed after depositing by 12:00 midnight every Thursday

Payments will be made in bulk from 8pm on Fridays.


The bonus is said to be paid to the btc/usdt pair wallet.

This gift is non-refundable.

However, profits accrued after that can be withdrawn.

Be aware of automatic expiration when trying to force a bonus withdrawal.

It feels good because it feels like an event for real users.

Those who have already signed up as referrals can also participate.

However, the net deposit amount of 1,000 USDT must be maintained during the screening period.

Get 50% Off Fees at Bitget

Be sure to use the copy trading function.

I hope you have a great opportunity.

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