Beware of joining bybit-Bybit similar exchange

Bybit similar exchange


Bybit similar exchange

Bybit, a virtual asset exchange, has urged people to be careful about damage to similar exchanges.
Recently, there has been a lot of controversy on the futures exchange called Bitbe, which has a similar name to Bybit.

ByBit has stated that it has no affiliation with the BitBai futures exchange.

A Bybit official said, “The exchange has absolutely nothing to do with Bybit.” “ByBit does not encourage or encourage users to invest.”

Because Bybit is famous, it may have been given a similar name on purpose.

Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange based in Singapore.

According to Bybit, it has achieved an accident-free record for three years since its launch and is a large futures exchange with 2 million users worldwide.

Because there is such a case, it seems that you should be careful not only in Bybit but also in similar exchanges.

Especially since it is a cryptocurrency, everyone prefers a large exchange because of the risk of hacking.


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