Binance Fees

Binance fees XPC9ZLH6
Binance fees XPC9ZLH6

Binance Fees



As interest in Bitcoin grows, false advertising about Binance fee discounts has increased.

Because of this, many people who signed up for false advertisements rejoin.

Find out the maximum commission discount rate together and sign up for the maximum discount rate.

Binance’s commission discount rates apply differently for spot and futures.

The in-kind is designated by the inviter who created the invitation code (up to 20%)

Gifts are applied in the same way.

In the case of gifts, a lifetime discount is not applied when signing up with an invitation code, but a maximum of 10% discount is applied for one month, fixed at the same discount rate.

For spot transactions, you can specify a discount rate of 0-20% with the invitation code.

There are probably many people who signed up in the 0-10% range.


The maximum discount rate is 20% in kind and 10% in futures.

바이낸스 추천인

Binance Discount Signup Code: XPC9ZLH6

This is the link to sign up for the maximum discount.


Once the discount rate is specified, it is impossible to edit

rejoin There is only one way to do

When you sign up, you must check the maximum discount rate before signing up.



Check that the referral ID is entered in the sign-up window

Please sign up after confirming the commission rebate rate of 20%!















Binance has a VIP discount system where the higher the trading volume, the higher the discount.

If you do not register because the maximum discount rate is applied when you sign up,

You’re going to lose more and more

Therefore, those who signed up for the previous 0-10% will receive a maximum of 20% discount.

We recommend that you rejoin


How to rejoin

Rejoining Binance after leaving Binance

Because you can re-register with two methods, e-mail and mobile phone number

You can proceed as if you were a member for the first time.

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