Binance Futures Trading Tips

Binance Futures Trading Tips

In the first month of Binance Futures’ successful launch, we have more than 5x.

Binance has launched a custom leverage that allows users to choose their preferred leverage when trading.

Users can increase their utilization by up to 125x in this update!

Over the past month, Binance Futures has provided users with 20x leverage.

A recent update allows you to set leverage up to 1x or up to 125x, depending on the amount of USDT you want to trade with, the corresponding margin and tier will vary.

With this new feature, there’s no better time to join Binance Futures right now!

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Here are 5 things you need to know about the new major upgrade to Binance Futures.

1. Increase your trading position using 125x leverage.

One of the main advantages of trading on Binance Futures is that it is very capital efficient. In the spot market, you need to hold thousands of USDT to trade 1 BTC, but with Binance Futures, you can open a spot for a small fee. And the higher the leverage, the less money you can spend in the place.

Let’s say that the current price of Bitcoin is 10,000 USDT (ease of calculation/willingness to exist). You have 100 USDT, which alone can only buy 0.01 BTC. However, if you transfer 100 USDT to Binance Future, you can trade with up to 125x leverage and open buy/long or sell/short positions of up to 1.25 BTC.

This way, you can get a higher profit from a 1.25 BTC position than if you only bought 0.01 BTC while using a small amount of cryptocurrency for the opened position.

2. So 125x can be better than 20x.

Let’s say you held 100 USDT last week when the leverage was 20x instead of this week. (1 BTC was still 10,000 USDT) The largest spot you could open in this scenario would be 0.2 BTC.

Let’s say you’ve taken a buy/long-term position in both scenarios. In less than an hour, BTC rose from 10,000 USDT to 11,000 USDT. In a 20x leveraged scenario, your long 0.2 BTC position would have led to a rise of 200 USDT (Binance Futures is much lower than its competitors). However, taking a position of 1.25 BTC in a 125x leveraged scenario will increase your profit to 1,250 USDT.

3. Kind reminder: Be careful when trading with leverage.

Remember: High rewards come with high risks.

Bitcoin’s price can fluctuate quickly, making it a highly volatile asset. Just as leverage can multiply profits, when a user opens a buy/long position,

or when you open a sell/short position,

And it can also add to risk and potential losses when the market goes up.

How many risks are you talking about?

There will be a certain price point at which your position will be liquidated, and you will lose the money invested in that position.

Higher leverage makes open positions less capital intensive.

For example, a 10,000 USDT position only requires an initial margin of 80 USDT.

However, a low initial margin can be a double-edged sword as price volatility can far exceed margin deposits.

As such, traders must maintain sufficient balance in their wallets to avoid liquidation.

4. No matter your leverage preference, Binance Futures is backed by you.

Given the risks involved in futures trading, Binance Futures’ top priority is to protect users and mitigate potential losses.

Binance Futures offers hold orders, limit profit orders, and other options before liquidation is reached, even when you are not keeping an eye on the market.

Binance Futures aims to bring sustainable cryptocurrency-based futures trading to the industry, giving users peace of mind, even when taking potentially high risks.

Binance Futures leveraged trading is driven by a sophisticated risk engine and liquidation model that provides users with fast results, which includes many safety features that serve to provide maximum protection for you.

5. Provided customized utilization with no downtime.

The custom leverage implementation is provided with zero downtime impact on the market, a major milestone for the Binance team.

We would like to provide upgrades and improvements to our future trading platform without disrupting our trading operations.

And with all the upgrades we’ve implemented over the past month, it will be fun to see what happens as the platform continues to gain momentum.

Start trading on Binance Futures today!

Risk Warning: Buying, selling, holding, or participating in cryptocurrency futures trading is an activity with high market risk.


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