Bitcoin Leveraged Margin Trading

bitcoin Leverage futures trading
bitcoin Leverage futures trading

Bitcoin Leveraged Margin Trading


If you’ve ever used a bitcoin exchange, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin leveraged trading.

Leverage is as important as short selling in Bitcoin margin trading.

Leverage means leverage.

Leveraged trading methods are also used in real estate transactions.

If you currently have 100 million won in capital and want to buy 200 million won real estate, you can borrow 100 million won from a financial institution such as a bank and then purchase it.

Using the leverage above, the same can be used for Bitcoin margin trading.

Also, comparing the time with and without leverage,

There is a big difference in return versus capital.

Without leverage / Bitcoin price doubles

If you invest 500,000 won, you will make a profit of 500,000 won.

The final amount will be 100 million won.

When leverage is used / Bitcoin price doubles

If you invest 500,000 won with 100x leverage

In fact, since you bought 50 million won worth of bitcoins, your profit would be 50 million won.

The final amount is 50500000 won.

In general, leveraged trading often uses Binance exchanges with high trading volumes.

You can use up to 125x leverage on Binance Exchange.

Since spot trading alone is difficult to generate large returns, people who want high returns often trade futures using leverage.


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