Bybit Margin Trading Fee Discount Up to 20% How to Sign Up

Bybit margin trading fee discount

How to sign up for up to 20%

Go to Referral Signup

Bybit Referral Signup Code B5QJY

Lifetime 20% discount code for bybit fees (this is the maximum discount code)

When you sign up by computer, the link is automatically inserted, so you do not need to enter additional information.

When you sign up with the app, the link is not automatically inserted, so you must enter the referral code B5QJY to receive a 20% discount on the lifetime fee.


Bybit is the world’s largest margin exchange and is the most loved exchange in Korea. A lot of people are signing up for futures trading.

Why you must get a fee discount from Bybit

not for spot trading Because they are trading futures.


For example, if you invest 1 million won with a 50-fold margin

There is a fee of 1 million won * 50 times the fee, not 1 million won.

As you continue to trade, these fees become a huge part of your business.


Sign up using the invitation code link above.

When you sign up for the app, you must enter the referral code B5QJY.

You can get a 20% discount.

Those who signed up without a fee discount or signed up with a one-time referral code

We recommend re-registration.


In fact, there are many people who rejoin because of the fee discount.

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