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Many countries expect slow economic growth this year.

There are a lot of predictions, and in reality, even if you look at the economy of the common people,

In reality, we’re having a lot of trouble.

In the meantime, people who work and those who run a business

I have no choice but to turn my attention to what is called finance.

As a result, not only bank interest and savings

Stocks and Bitcoin are now completely

It seems to have settled down.

So, many people are looking for a better life and leisure.

You can see a lot of people investing and studying.

And learn a lot about cryptocurrency.

I’ve also seen them prepare.

Basic knowledge is essential for investing.

Today we are going to do some simple things about Binance API and Coins.

Let’s talk and move on.


api automatic trading


In the case of Binance API, it is more convenient to trade

The way to do this is to register an API key.

This makes investing a little easier.

It is usually automatic trading with Python.

Not everyone uses this method

Make trading easier through the Binance API

I use it because it gives!

there are several services

You have to choose among them.

Even if you don’t go through this part, it’s possible

Not many people use it.

It seems to be used only by those who deem it necessary.

You can also learn about the Binance API.

If you think you need it, you can use it!

Click on the picture for a fee Discount sign-up window go to

In the case of Binance API, there are several programs.

There is an app, which is convenient for you to use.

You can choose one and use it.

If you are interested, please

There are some things to check for errors.

Please check it carefully and try it out.

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