Why You Should Use Binance Exchange


Why You Should Use Binance Exchange

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You may be wondering why we use Binance Exchange, an overseas exchange, instead of using a domestic exchange. We will tell you about the advantages of Binance Exchange.


1. No. 1 in the world in trading volume> Single and swing trading is easy.

2. No. 1 spot trading volume and no. 1 futures trading volume.

3. With up to 125x leverage, you can trade bullish and bearish futures.

4. There are many coins (JobCoins) that are not available in Korea, and Jobcoin futures trading is also possible.

5. Domestic cryptocurrency exchanges are difficult to earn every day because the trading volume of Jobcoins is small, but there are many listed coins. Daily profit through leverage can get

6. Even if you do not trade, you can make money by depositing dollars, staking, and lunch pool.

7. The principal is guaranteed even when not trading based on USDT.

8. It is possible to purchase in installments with the launch of stock tokens.


There are many people who make high profits through bitcoin margin trading, but these days it is difficult to make big profits with only general spot exchanges. Futures trading with up to 125x leverage can yield huge returns. There are many people who trade gifts on YouTube.



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Even if you have already signed up, it is better to sign up again if you signed up with %~15%

Also, if you want to trade futures, you must open a futures account.

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