Binance Futures

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Binance Futures

Binance Futures Margin Account Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

To use the futures / margin service

Binance Spot Wallet

Move funds to a margin futures wallet you have to do it

As a gift wallet or margin wallet

To move your holdings

Binance on the gift page bottom right send button click on Please.

After entering the amount you want to transfer to the futures and margin,

Click the Submit Confirm button Please.

The funds will then be moved to futures and margin wallets.

Binance Futures/Margin Difference

I used BitMEX’s margin trading a lot.

There are a lot of people using Binance Futures right now.

Also, in the case of BitMEX, transactions are made in BTC,

When the price of Bitcoin falls even when not trading

Assets may decrease.

But Binance

equal to the dollar and 1:1 value

Trading USDT, a stablecoin because doing

If you don’t trade, you don’t lose money.

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1. Trading Chart

Binance Margin uses spot exchange charts

In the case of futures, click the derivative above

Cryptocurrency futures chart and USDT-based futures chart

can be viewed separately

In the case of margin, short (short selling) is not possible.

You can only trade long (short) positions.

For this reason

Both short-selling and short-selling possible futures trading to

mostly used you are doing

2. Maximum Set Leverage Multiplier

The biggest difference between Binance Futures trading/margin trading is

Maximum Set Leverage Multiplier is.

There is a limit of up to 10 times margin trading / isolation and 3 times cross.

Futures trading / Bitcoin up to 125x, Most altcoins are up to 50x


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3. Interest

Futures trading uses the user’s funds to trade

Borrow seeds for margin

You can take a long position with leverage of the desired multiple.

However, as it is a borrowing method, you have to pay interest.

Interest is different and if you borrow

Because it is not cheap in terms of annual interest

Most of them use futures trading.

How to Adjust Binance Futures Margin Leverage

Binance manually

You can adjust your futures and margin trading leverage.


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at the top of the page

indicating the amount of leverage a yellow box

click You just have to adjust it.

You can adjust the slider by moving the cursor while pressing it.

Alternatively, you can adjust it by entering it directly.

At this point, it should be noted that

The higher the leverage, the higher the liquidation risk. is the point.

Beginners are not high magnification from low magnification

We recommend that you raise it slowly.

It usually starts at 5-10 times.

Close Binance Margin Futures Position

Margin Balance Required below the maintenance margin

Liquidation occurs when falling do.


The balance in your Binance Futures account is your margin balance,

Includes losses (PnL) and unrealized gains.


Therefore, the balance value will change according to the loss and profit.

to hold a position

The maintenance margin is the minimum required.


The maintenance margin varies according to the size of the user’s position.

Larger positions require more maintenance margin.


Forced liquidation / margin call

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at the bottom of the left page position tab There is this.

You can understand the liquidation risk of your current positions.


if When the margin ratio reaches 100%, the position is

forced liquidation it will become


Gift fee discount

In futures, the 20% commission discount becomes incredibly important.

For example, if you invest 1 million won with a 50-fold margin

There is a fee of 1 million won * 50 times the fee, not 1 million won.


In addition, due to the nature of futures trading, it is frequently traded.

Fees are payable every time a transaction is made.

If you continue to trade

These fees are going to make a huge difference.


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