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In a society where a lot of things are done online,

Changes in our daily life happen quickly and we

You will feel the changes in your daily life.

In the past, in fact, everyone had a smartphone like this.

I never thought I’d use it

Now, almost no one is using it.

The world is changing so fast and everything online is

It became possible.

In the meantime, virtual currency appeared and in a few years

It has achieved really great growth and the size of the market is actually

It’s been huge.

So many companies jump into this coin market and start

So there will be more changes in the future.

I am anticipating.

At the same time, I started with an interest in the part of investment.

There are many people who do it.

How to invest in Binance Margin Futures China today

I would like to briefly talk about whether it is good or not.

In fact, margin trading and futures trading are very similar.

Nevertheless, the difference clearly exists.



Margin Trading Futures Trading

Margin trading and futures trading are not available on domestic exchanges.

To use this margin and futures trading, you need to use an overseas exchange.

Most use Binance or Bybit exchanges with high trading volume.

I have also posted about the differences between the two.

It would be good to search and choose an exchange.

Margin Futures Differences

1: chart


Binance Margin uses spot exchange charts.

For futures, click on Derivatives above.

There are separate cryptocurrency futures charts and USDT-based futures charts.

before the start of trading

You should also start by knowing the difference between inverse USDT trading and futures trading.

In addition, inverse perpetual trading is a coin transaction, so even when not trading

If the price of Bitcoin falls, the asset may decrease.

However, because the USDT perpetual transaction is performed with USDT, a stable coin that has the same value as the dollar at 1:1.

If you don’t trade, you don’t lose money.


margin trading

Short (short sale) not allowed!


In the case of margin, short (short selling) is not possible.

You can only trade with long (short) positions.

For this reason, both short selling and short buying are possible.

Most of them use futures trading.

Margin Futures Differences

2: Leverage multiplier


The biggest difference between Binance Futures trading and margin trading is

The maximum set leverage multiplier.

Margin trading is limited to 10 times quarantine and 3 times crossover.

However, futures trading is up to 125 times that of Bitcoin,

Most altcoins can go up to 50x.

Margin Futures Differences

3: interest


Futures trading uses the user’s funds to trade, but

In the case of margin, borrowing a seed

You can take a long position with a leverage of any multiple you want.

You have to pay interest.

The interest rate varies depending on the type of cryptocurrency.

The interest rate is not cheap compared to the annual interest rate.

Most of them use futures trading rather than margin trading.

I didn’t get this information right the first time.

If you invest, you may lose your assets.

The risk is high because there are many variables.

After you are completely used to it, gradually increase the trading volume and

It’s good to get good results.

Binance by clicking on the picture Fee discount sign-up window Go to .

In fact, the perception of what we are investing in has changed.

It hasn’t been that long.

In the past, it was said that if you did stocks or something, you would be ruined.

You talked a lot, but now you don’t at all.

Then, starting and studying Bitcoin

There are quite a few.

I can’t stop this atmosphere anymore

I’m talking.

However, if you start blindly without proper preparation,

Of course, it is difficult to get good results.

Binance Margin Futures Difference Like

If you are familiar with the basics, you can start

It will help you with your investment.

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