Tips for choosing a coin


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How to Choose a Coin/Tips

  1. Coins going towards the previous high

  2. Coins that were quiet even when pumping other coins

  3. Coins that previous powers pumped several times

4.Coins with high trading volume

How to choose a coin to invest in among numerous altcoins.

The first is a coin that goes towards the previous high.

It is better to have a coin that peaks once and then descends and then goes back to the high point rather than a coin that has already renewed its high.



Then the chart looks like this.

If you have peaked once, you are more likely to renew it later, and in addition to this, we recommend coins that have been quiet while other altcoins are pumping in.

Altcoins sometimes shoot simultaneously, but they also have a tendency to shoot sequentially. When shooting simultaneously, you can make a profit no matter what coins you hold, but if you do not enter the initial rise in sequential rotation, you may be bitten at a high point. This is high.

In addition to this, coins that have been lifted by power in the past are more likely to be pumped again.

★ How to choose a coin

Typically, it is a coin that has a high trading volume among coins that are pumped frequently and is heading to a recent quiet high when other coins are pumped.




So, which coin is your favourite?

It is a coin with many definite advantages.

It will rise because of good news rather than because of good news.

Or, it is a coin that easily attaches and pumps easily when the ants start to shoot, recognizing that they have been heavily pumped in the past.

You can think of a coin that pumps into a power favorite coin like this, a coin with a lot of ants sticking to it when you pretend to shoot it once.

<example> As of July 6, 2018

Recently, big pumps such as EOS and Ada have come.

.Among these, traditional major altcoins such as Dash and Monero are quiet, but the above coins are mostly ants with investment propensity to gain power.

.The same goes for the representative Ethereum.

So what kind of coins are there? About Tron and Quantum Fine.

It is a coin that has been pumped strongly several times from China before, but it is quiet for a few months.

It is a coin that can get a big pump based on any Chinese-related articles at any time, and these are also coins that have a steady trading volume and go to a previous high.



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